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Wealth Management Services

At Jonlyn & Associates Wealth Management, we take pride in helping individuals and families work to achieve their own personal goals and dreams. The understanding that your situation is unique is critical in helping you build your road map to success. 

Our Process

Before we begin to give purpose and vision to your wealth strategy, it is essential for us to know your goals and the assets that you bring to the experience. We have you fill out a Wealth Planning Worksheet so that we can get a good picture of the hard work you have accomplished already. We then get to know you, your goals, and your desires. Together, we will create an action plan to provide a confident financial future for you and your family. At that point, you become part of our family and are invited to our various workshops and events. We will develop a customized, personal Advanced Time Segmentation Strategy ™ and incorporate different estate planning tools as needed. We will then address the Wealth Management Principles we have specifically identified as being essential to your complete Wealth Management Strategy. Your Wealth Advisor will work with our whole team to develop the sound strategy that your wealth deserves.

Advanced Time Segmentation® (ATS)

Advanced Time Segmentation® incorporates a segmented strategy that matches unique retirement income needs with time-segmented investments. This approach segments retirement assets into three categories.  In the illustration below, the categories are based on the period of time in retirement when the assets are expected to generate income.

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